Genggwaa is dedicated to helping people to raise their quality of life through their own endeavours.

Aimed at entrepreneurs, business owners and senior directors as well as ordinary folk who are prepared to take responsibility for their lives, these articles provide people and businesses (which are made up of people after all) with ideas, tips and insights on how to achieve success in business and happiness & fulfillment in one’s personal life.

Nearly everything in life turns on an idea. Ideas on their own don’t achieve much. But without the impetus of a goal of some kind (even if it’s just to experience the ‘flow’ of life), your purpose in life will be little more than to survive. And this makes you a brick in the wall of someone else’s design.

By learning to create your own ideas, to be critical of ideas in general and knowing how to turn ideas into reality, you become master of your own destiny, and (for entrepreneurs & directors) possibly even the destinies of others.

In this blog, I have published the most essential articles that provide effective, practical ideas and insights for living a successful life.